A project to document the spaces we create for books.

BookSpaces is a personal, photographic endeavour. It is designed to celebrate public and private spaces (primarily libraries) dedicated to storing and managing printed materials. I aim to generate a pictorial record from both a documentary and an artistic perspective. As functional spaces, libraries are changing rapidly. I seek to document both the traditional and emerging characteristics of the areas we dedicate to books' storage, use, and organisation.

From a photographic perspective, BookSpaces can be challenging. Libraries offer unique architectures, facilities and objects that require an innovative approach to photography. They test the craft of a photographer. The imagination, style, and method of artists such as Thibaud Poirier and Franck Bohbot help stimulate my interest in library photography. However, such photographers emphasise the grand architecture and iconic features of the most beautiful libraries. I wish to capture the unusual, the quirky and the curious aspects of BookSpaces that would not usually attract such attention.

I am an amateur photographer from Canberra, Australia. I seek access to sites on a non-commercial basis. Photographs taken for the project are offered without charge to the owners and operators of respective BookSpaces. Copyright and licencing are shared to enable the utility of images. I am always happy to hear from custodians who are willing to open their BookSpace for a photoshoot.

Rob Lee

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