A photographic exploration of the spaces we dedicate to books.

BookSpaces is a personal, photographic endeavour. The project is a visual exploration of the spaces we dedicate to books. It aims to create a pictorial record of libraries and other places where printed materials are collected, organised, stored, and used. Libraries offer unique architectures, facilities, and artifacts that hold stories of intellectual and social significance. BookSpaces is an attempt to document some of these stories.

As the function and purpose of libraries evolve, it seems crucial to collect dedicated images of the activities they undertake, the technologies they use and the environments they occupy. I wish to photograph the unusual, the quirky and the curious aspects of book spaces that would not usually attract the attention given to grand civic architectures and impressive literary collections.

I am an amateur photographer from Canberra, Australia. I am always happy to hear from library custodians who are willing to participate in this project.

Rob Lee

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