University House ANU (2018) 5229.jpg

'Book Spaces' is a photographic project exploring and celebrating books and the spaces we create around them. The project aims to generate a pictorial record from a range of documentary and artistic perspectives. 

As functional spaces libraries are changing rapidly. I am seeking to capture both traditional and emerging characteristics of these, and other, spaces we dedicate to books.

I am a photographer working from Canberra, Australia. This project emerged from a long personal and professional association with books, information and learning.

For me libraries offer unique architectures, facilities and objects that require an innovative photographic approach to achieve engaging results. In terms of photographic art they test the craft of a photographer.


Other photographers specialise in capturing the beauty of grand libraries. I want to celebrate a wider range of book spaces and reveal the mundane, the quirky and the wonder of these places.


I look forward to meeting you as I try to photograph what many others fail to see.

Rob Lee