• Rob Lee

Dunedoo Public Library

In June 2018 I was travelling through north-eastern New South Wales. I chanced to stop in the township of Dunedoo for lunch. During my wanders I found a wonderful old building housing the local public library.

The library had recently been refurbished and was decorated for 'Library Week'. On a cold winter day the space was cosy and inviting. It was also in a state of slight disarray. Showing the distinct signs of heavy use. Locals certainly loved their library and were enjoying the events of 'Library Week'.

Today I uploaded my images of the Dunedoo Public Library. If you know the town the images may show a familiar place. If not, the images depict a fine example of a local information-hub serving a small community.

My thanks to the librarian and library members who allowed me to disrupt their afternoon to take photographs of their library.

Dunedoo public library and museum (2018)