• Rob Lee

New Website

Hello. Welcome to 'Book Spaces', my new website dedicated to images of all places and spaces associated with our use of books. I admit, my web design skills are pretty average. The site will improve over time. However, for the moment I wanted to have somewhere to exhibit the outputs of my work - and this will be a good start.

Currently, I am photographing the library of the Heritage and Genealogy Society of Canberra (HAGSOC). The Society is over 50 years old and its library has a wonderful collection dedicated to heraldry and genealogy. Images from this library will not be posted to the site until permission is grated by the HAGSOC Board. This will be later in the year.

I have also been given permission to photograph the Lifeline Bookfair Warehouse in Mitchell. Work will start there in late September. This will be a very different location. It is a place where second-hand books are sorted and stored for sale at the Lifeline Bookfairs. The photographic challenges will be very different to those experienced in a library or book-store.

I am always seeking new locations to photograph. If you have any ideas please drop me a line at ablrys@gmail.com .

Until next time.

An abandoned attempt to share the benefits of books. Ganmain, NSW, November 2017