• Rob Lee

University House Library (ANU)

In May 2018 I was invited to photograph the library at University House at the Australian National University. It is a small space dedicated to traditional library concepts; natural light, an accessible collection and a comfortable environment within which a person can engage with the written word.

As a photographer I was taken by the warm timber tones and the beautiful winter light filtered by bare deciduous trees. The polished parquetry floor encouraged me to take low perspectives and the prominence of a card-catalogue and newspaper reading bench demanded they be treated as heroes during some of the shoot.

Photographs from the University House Library have now been posted to the 'Book Spaces' website. I look forward to visiting University House again. As yet I have not achieved the potential offered by this library.

My thanks to the librarian and custodian of the University House library for all his support and enthusiasm for the 'Book Spaces' project. As the work progresses the project is becoming more interesting by the day. The value of images documenting our libraries and the challenge of creating a quality story around each space have become more obvious as I engage with each new organisation.

University House Library - a more traditional perspective on a space for books.