• Rob Lee

Yellow Pages

In June 2018 I was travelling through Brisbane in Queensland and had arranged for a tour of the The Queensland Telecommunications Museum in Clayfield (aka - the Telstra Museum). www.telemuseum.org

The museum boasts that it has the largest collection of telecommunications memorabilia in Queensland. The volume of the collection huge, however, I was most impressed with the display of the artefacts. The museum is organised to maximise access and interaction. For those of us who have been around for a while a visit to this museum brings back many memories.

The Brisbane Telstra Museum also holds the largest collection of hard-copy editions of the "Yellow Pages" in Australia (and presumably the world). The volumes date back to the 1960s. The collection is not on display. It is held for reference and in perpetuity.

The 'Book Space' dedicated to this collection would probably not be called a library. It is a locked room in an old telephone exchange building. The space, once an office or workshop, is now lined with shelves and contains this unique source of information.

My thanks to the volunteer staff who made me welcome and supported the "Book Spaces" project so enthusiastically. The museum is entirely run by volunteers from the Postal-Telecommunication Historical Society of Queensland. The society was formed in 1952 and has links back to the old PMG (Post Master General Department).

"Yellow Pages" telephone books stored in Brisbane.